Poster Session for GHLC 2019

The Global Health and Leadership Conference accepts submissions from college students to deliver a poster presentation about an intervention or case study. undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit for a poster presentation. Undergraduates are required to submit a report about their poster presentation topic (2-6 pages. Rough Draft March 1st and Final Draft March 25th). This report will be made available for conference participants to read after the conference.

If you are interested in presenting, fill out this form:

Poster Presentation Submission Opportunities:

There are two categories of Poster Presentations:

  • Intervention (Personal concrete intervention you have done to impact a community.); and
  • Case Study (An analysis of a global health topic).

The deadline for rough drafts is March 1st and final report March 25th. 

  • Don't stress about producing Nature or Lancet worthy articles. See this as a low barrier entry into article writing that will provide a learning experience. This report will be made available for conference participants to read after the conference. In the end you can still be proud that you researched a topic and presented on it at the Harvard Global Health and Leadership Conference.

1. "Intervention" Information For Poster Presentation: These presentations may be research-, clinical-, or program-focused. This should include a concrete intervention that the presenter helped to implement. The report must include results (data and outcomes) to qualify for the poster presentation. If you weren't part of the group who implemented the intervention, see the "Case Study" section. 

2. "Case Study" Information for Poster Presentation: 
These presentations may be research/ analysis of any global health topic. In contrast to "Intervention" posters, the "Case Study" presentations present more of a historical look at a global health topic. The presentations can explore topics in social sciences or humanities that relate to global health.


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