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Founded in 2017 by Harvard alumnus Paul Lewis, the Global Health and Leadership Conference at Harvard promotes student engagement with global health topics by bringing together Harvard faculty, students, and guests to educate and mentor high school students. The conference encourages students to tackle issues in their local community by conducting evidence-based, cost-effective interventions that are impactful, sustainable, and reproducible initiatives. The conference hopes to help students make a difference and grow as civically minded leaders for the future.

At the Harvard College: Global Health and Leadership Conference, students will interact with many individuals involved with global health work. They will learn about various health disparities in the world and the work being done to tackle these injustices. They will look at inequalities in access, quality, and income, which disparages healthcare. They will learn and understand the importance of staff, stuff, space, and systems and the difference between outputs and outcomes for health initiatives. Students will be provided with the means, tools, and skills necessary to become effective leaders who can make a difference in and outside of their community, and they will have an opportunity to work as a team to tackle a social justice issue and make a lasting impact in the world. Students will also have the opportunity to compete in a case study competition and a global health competition. 


Quotes from Past Attendees:

"The conference is an amazing opportunity to start getting involved with global health because of how students are able to share their research and projects."
~Sara Wong (Massachusetts)

"it is a rare opportunity to see what amazing things are possible in the realm of Global Health and that it is truly inspirational to see so many people motivated to do good in the world." 
~Iris Berendes-Dean (Maryland)

"It changed how I think about global health issues. I no longer look at them from just a medical perspective, but now in a political, economical, and social perspective."
~Adon Goodpaster (Massachusetts)
"I feel so encouraged to do more now, I feel inspired from the project that my peers conduct and also what they can become and form into. I feel like I have a huge support, all the speakers were so open to communication and I feel like that is the same in the field."
~Philippa Schunk (Germany)
"I did not expect to make many friends but I did."
~Christian Bolinas (Delaware)

This conference was founded by Paul Lewis, Harvard Class of 2018. It is run by Harvard Global Health Institute and Harvard College VISION: Global Health Society.


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